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Welcome to Progressive Dairy Expo! We hope you have enjoyed the special insert in our October 1st issue of Progressive Dairy. (Missed it? Take a look at the digital edition here.) Our goal is to help you feel more connected to what’s going on in the industry and help connect you to our advertisers. They have great products and services to share with you. Because you won’t have the opportunity to meet with these companies at trade shows this fall, we wanted to give them an opportunity to share with you what they have going on with a series of videos below. Click on the links below to learn more!

These companies have also agreed to some special deals and offers to share with you. There are thousands of dollars worth of deals to sign up for, you’ll be glad you did!

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4-D Ag World - View video
4D Ag Product Preview

4-D Ag growing together with our customers

ABS Global - View video
Beef Sires Exclusively for Dairy Cows

Selection and data create reliable beef genetics.

Agri-Comfort - View video
Agri-Comfort Photo Slideshow

See customer installations and photos of our Livestock Comfort Products.

Agri-Plastics - View video
Agri-Plastics Photo Slideshow

See customer installations and photos of our Calf Housing Products.

BECO - View website

Exceptional cow milking is our passion. At BECO we will only do what is best for the cow.

BioFiltro - View video
How Worms & Cows Can Cool the Planet

Learn how worms, when processing the liquid manure from cows, can enable farmers to generate 6 - 9 carbon credits per cow.

Cargill - View video
Manage Component Efficiency

Learn more about the value of managing your component efficiency in this (brief/informative) video from Cargill.

Chesney - View website
Chesney Distribution Inc.

Everything you need for cow comfort. Fans, Curtains, Ridges, LED Lights, Cow Brushes and more

CowManager - View website
CowManager’s Monitoring Solution

See how you can benefit from CowManager’s monitoring solution.

Dairy Calf & Heifer Association - View video
Why become involved with the Dairy Calf & Heifer Association?

A long-time member and current DCHA board president, Elizabeth Quinn, explains the benefits of membership and how it can help your operation.

DCC Waterbeds - View video
See why DCC Waterbeds are The Right Choice for your cows

Whether you have mattresses, compost or sand, see why DCC Waterbeds should be your next choice.

Dairy Records Management Systems - View video
Mason Dixon Farms Chooses PCDART

Doyle Waybright describes his farm's use of PCDART.

Extrutech Plastics Inc. - View video
Extrutech Wall FORM’s for Robotic Milking

Extrutech Plastics, video tour of Miltrims Farms Robotic Milking system, featuring Extrutech concrete FORM System and Extrutech wall liner panels.

Fisher Pumps - View website
Fisher Pumps

We have solutions for your irrigation, manure handling, & flood control needs

Form-A-Feed - View video
Tend-R-Leen from Form-A-Feed

Tend-R-Leen, a simple, convenient, and efficient feeding program for dairy beef and beef cattle.

Foxworthy Supply - View video
Foxworthy Progressive Dairy/GDX2020 video

Hear what some of our customers have to say about why they prefer Foxworthy’s cattle bedding solutions.

Fritsch Equipment - View website
Fritsch - The Best You Can Get!

Fritsch Products That Will Improve Your Dairy Operation! Watch Our Videos & Believe!

Gabel Belting Inc - View website
Grooved Rubber Flooring

"The Cow Carpet People" for Happy Cows.

Humongous Fan - View video
Humongous Fan | American HVLS Fan Manufacturers and Suppliers

Humongous Fan engineers and manufacturers Industrial HVLS fans with performance engineered blades, providing industry-leading airflow.

J & D Manufacturing - View interactive 3D tour
New Magnum 58" Exhaust Fan

See an interactive 3D tour of the new Magnum 58" Exhaust Fan.

KingFisher - View website
Kingfisher, a Grand Champion!

We are just getting started…

Legend Rubber - View video
Legend DairyGrip in action!

Short video and customer testimonial about this amazing product!

LVI - View video
Dairy Bedded Pack Composting from LVI

Composting Your Bedded Pack Puts Dollars Back In Your Pocket!​

Micronutrients - View video
Thank You Farmers

We all need agriculture and not only in good times. Thank you to our farmers and ag workers for your strength and resilience in the middle of this storm, and for all you are doing to keep the food supply chain robust and safe.

milc group - View video
Drive Efficiencies Like Never Before

Simple, Powerful Tech Solutions for your Dairy by milc group.

Minitube - View video
Minitube International – Celebrating 50 Years in the AI Industry

Minitube is celebrating 50 years of continued growth and development with our partners all over the world.

Moo Juice - View video
Moo Juice History

The use of chocolate in dairy cows.

Neogen - View video
Get the Whole Picture with Igenity® | Dairy Genomics Testing

When MOO-ville Creamery needed to select their cows producing A2 milk, they turned to NEOGEN®.

Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. - View video
LactiCyte HD Somatic Cell Counter

A somatic cell counter, the LactiCyte HD provides state-of-the-art analysis of the somatic cell count of your milk samples, a critical parameter.

Perdue AgriBusiness - View video
Science based. Research driven.

Introducing Dr. Normand St-Pierre, Director of R&D for Perdue AgriBusiness, describing our three pillar nutritional approach for maximum production and producer profitability.

Progressive Dairy - View video
Progressive Dairy Magazine - How to renew your subscription

How do you know when to renew your subscription to Progressive Dairy Magazine? Progressive Dairy Staff will explain this and more in this short informative video.

ProStar Energy Solutions - View video
Energy Efficient Solutions For the Farm

LED Systems Improve Milk Production on Dairy Farms

RECAL Microbials, LLC - View website

Looking to improve rumen health, rumen function, overall health, digestion, feed efficiency and YOUR BOTTOM LINE??

Recover Tax Credits - View website
AIA Grassley Video

Senator Grassley speaks about the R&D tax credit.

Roto Grind - View website
Roto Grind

Tub and Grain grinders. Speed up feeding time and save wear on your TMR mixer.

Scherer Inc. - View website
Welcome to Scherer Inc.

Leaders in the processing revolution

Thrifty - View video
Thrifty Xtreme Clean and Dry

Watch the video above on our newest product, the Thrifty Xtreme Clean and Dry….”A Car Wash for Cows Teats”

Udder Comfort - View video
Udder Comfort - Backpack Sprayer

See how the Udder Comfort backpack sprayer could benefit your dairy.

Vets Plus - View video
ADEPPT Technology

ADEPPT, or Advanced Digestive Enhancing Protein Plus Technology, is our patented, all-natural blend of digestive enhancers.

WeCover - View video
WeCover Fabric Roof Dairy Barns

See what farmers love about their WeCover barns.

WHRL Solutions - View video
The World of WHRL

A short video showing the WHRL process, product range and job sites across the USA and Europe.

World Dairy Expo - View video
Relive the Expo magic

From Trade Show to Dairy Cattle Show

Extrutech Plastics Inc. - View video
Extrutech Plastics Dairy Farm Tour

Watch and take a tour of 4 Wisconsin Dairy Farms that utilize our product.